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Update #2!

Hi everyone, just wanted to leave another update now that we are recently back in production for the next two weeks. If you don’t know, we shot our initial trailer with 20k in personal and grants funds before starting this campaign. We’re now back in production in Nashville, Greenville South Carolina, Tallahassee Florida, and Idaho with the 20k that all of YOU helped us raise so THANK YOU!!! Some really exciting news is that we are about to interview TWO of the biggest names in vet med, Dr. Andy Roark and Dr. Marty Becker! They have so much insight and such unique perspectives on all of this, and their contributions are going to be invaluable to this project!! THANK YOU for helping us get our crew to these locations and getting them involved, if it weren’t for all of you, we wouldn’t be able to do all of this! One other update is that we had an article done on us by AAHA which is a huge company in vet med!! Here is the article if you’d like to read it here: In that article I talk about next steps, but I want to say it here again: I am thinking that if enough word is spread on social media that we might hit another 20k goal which is a good place to start for more filming in late October/early November. We are planning to do interviews at Texas A&M, several locations in California, and a trauma/emergency center in Boston or Raleigh. We have to see where the story takes us after that to determine how much more filming we need to continue and then get through post-production. So PLEAS PLEASE PLEASE keep spreading the word so we can keep going and get these other locations that we need after this next two weeks!! Lastly, please make sure to join me and our Associate Producer, Cacey Frazier, for a Facebook Live Q&A with the Not One More Vet Organization on Sept. 16 at 4pm EST. We are going to be talking about the film so stop by and say hi to us! I’ll give another update as things progress!! THANK YOU again for donation, and please keep spreading the word!! --Marie

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